About the Wooler Wheel

“HOT NEWS. The Wooler Wheel Triad. 3 events. A total distance of over 300 miles. A total ascent which, at more than 6000 metres, is higher than Mont Blanc.

The Triad

The Triad

All riders who complete the Wooler Wheel Triad in 2015 will become inaugural members of WW 300 MILE CLUB and will receive specially designed insignia to mark this accomplishment.

One Entry Button.






The Wooler Wheel is a series of cycle challenges in Glendale, North Northumberland. May 2013 saw a new 160k route, with a 100k on the same day, taking cyclists into Couquetdale as well as the northern tip of Glendale, North Northumberland. October 2013 was a re run of the last years inaugural route but with a different start venue.Both events were sold out weeks before their official closing dates and had great reviews and feedback – see some of them below.  May 2014, and yet another new route, one which took half it’s length over into Scotland. The Borderlands, where the unique met the unusual – a unique challenge and an unusual venue. It was also the first for a British Cycling backed junior specific sportive. Again, great reviews and feedback, including one from Abby Holder, British Cycling’s official blogger, read what she says here.

However, more is to follow in 2015…


Since our first sportive in October 2012, we have harboured the ambition of
developing a season of three challenging sportives spanning the season and
spanning the glorious countryside of Northumberland and Scottish Borders.
We have taken a phased approach to develop our experience and to try out
different venues and routes until we were comfortable with mounting  one
then two successful sportives per season.  We are now ready to complete the
Triad in the 2015 season.  It will comprise:

IMG_2335Saturday 16 May 2015.  The Wooler Wheel Borderlands.
A repeat of our successful feast of sportive cycling.  Taking place in
Northumberland and Scottish Borders with nominal distances of 170, 100, 60
km and the dedicated junior 30 km sportive.  Entries for this event will open
on Monday 3 November  2014 (entries close Sunday 3 May 2015).   Enjoy these
rides for their own sake or use them as part of your training programme

Wooler Wheel Borderlands

Wooler Wheel Borderlands


Saturday 25th July 2015.  The Wooler Wheel Big ‘un. 
Not for the faint‐hearted.  This complete circumnavigation of the High
Cheviots on quiet roads in Northumberland and Scottish Borders is a nominal
200km (actual 208.6km, 129.6miles) with an estimated total ascent of 3200m.
We expect only elite riders will wish to enter this  event.  The halfway station
(approx) of this route will be Kielder Castle within Kielder Forest where, as well
as the normal  Feed station, there will be sports massage services.  Our partner
for this event will be Kielder Water & Forest Park.  Note that this ride does not
go down any stretches of the dangerous A68.  Entries  for this event will open
on Monday 1 December 2014 (entries close Sunday 12th July 2015).

“Those of you who have visited this webpage already or who have read other publicity about his ride, may have noted that the date of the event has been moved a week earlier to Saturday 25 July. This is due to a clash with the “Bike for Bobby” sportive scheduled for 2 August 2015 – the day after the original planned date for Wooler Wheel Big ‘un. Many of you will know that this ride supports the Sir Bobby Robson cancer charity. One of routes of Bike for Bobby overlaps with part of the Wooler Wheel Big ‘un in the Kielder area. We had two concerns about the juxtaposition of the two events. The first was that the Wooler Wheel would draw cyclists who might otherwise have entered Bike for Bobby and so reduce the funds that it raised for its charity. The second was that similar direction signs for both events would be in place for the overlapping segment at the same time and could cause confusion to riders in either event – we had visions of speedy heads-down Wooler Wheel cyclists hurtling towards Newcastle instead of turning north to Otterburn and vice versa for the Bike for Bobby cyclists. When we set the date for the Wooler Wheel Big ‘un back in July, the 2015 Bike for Bobby did not appear in any of the 2015 sportive schedules then available and British Cycling itself did not pick up the clash. Nevertheless we apologise for the change in date and hope we have made the change early enough to avoid any disruptions to your cycling plans for 2015.”

Wooler Wheel Big'un

Wooler Wheel Big’un

Saturday 3 October 2015.  The Wooler Wheel Classic. 
The original and still a firm favourite.  With nearly 700 entries for this year’s
event, up from just over 500 last year.  All in Northumberland with nominal
distances of 100 and 50km.  A great introduction for first time sportivers, but
still demanding rides for experienced cyclists.  A perfect way to wind down the
season for elite cyclists. Entries for this event will open on Monday
1 December 2014 (entries close Sunday 20 September 2015).

Wooler Wheel Classic

Wooler Wheel Classic

Supported again by the Edinburgh Bicycle Co operative and  the Northumberland National Park, and affiliated to British Cycling, the events starts and finishes at John Swan Limited Wooler Livestock Mart, Barrow House, Berwick Road, Wooler.

The results of the Wooler Wheel Classic can be accessed here http://chiptiming.co.uk/results/?sport=2&year=2014&event=313&race=204

Article 1


WHAT A FANTASTIC DAY! The inaugural WW160 took place May 11th 2013 in somewhat challenging weather but did that put the 350 entrants off? Not a bit of it. The smiles of people arriving back at the finish line said it all, it turned out to be a bit more of a challenge for some but all were unanimous in their enjoyment of the day. A few e-mails from the many received after the event have been posted here –

I took part in the 100 KM ride on Saturday and was so impressed by the organisation and by the good natured supportive marshalls and food station helpers that I feel I should write and thank you all. I’ll be back in October.
Thanks again

My thanks to you and your team for organising such a fantastic event. Seamless organisation, clear route signing, friendly and helpful marshals and helpers, fantastic route. This is unquestionably the best sportive
I have ever undertaken. Kind regards


Coming into Wooler

May 2013

October 2013 and the WW100N and 50k was a day of full on sunshine with smiles to match. Nearly 500 cyclists of all ages took to their saddles to experience some of the best scenery and hospitality the area could offer. The youngest cyclist was Skye at four and three quarter years old, pedaling behind her dad. This event saw one of the highest percentage of ladies taking part, 50% in the 50k and nearly 28% of the total entry field. Again, the feedback was all positive with compliments for the event coming by e-mail, FaceBook, Twitter and some posted on this web site.

Still pedalling

Newtown Ford

Jelly Baby Lady


If Carlsberg did sportives they would do the Wooler Wheel! Great event today, big up to all the team.
Just did my first cycle event today and couldn’t have chosen a better one than the Wooler Wheel! Great weather, lovely people , beautiful views! Thanks everyone!
Great ride today , well organised and brilliant volunteers. Looking forward to may.
Thanks to everyone who was involved in the organisation of today’s event, great friendly individuals. It was a tiring day, but well worth it.
What a fantastically run event, the volunteers were so friendly and had time to chat, looking forward to May already
Great event all the staff marshals and riders friendly and helpful, my son and l will be back in may if l get shot of the cramp.
I’ve never ridden a sportive in my life. The organisation team were fantastic, and the marshalls and other staff were fantastic. Oh and guess what? Northumberland is the most beautiful place in the world….
May was my first sportive and Wooler was the venue it was special. I have done few more over the summer and ended it all again today in Wooler. I was really looking forward to the day and it surpassed all my expectations another great day made possible again by friendly enthusiastic marshals and organisers. May 2014 already pencilled in the calendar. Many many thanks and very well done to you all.

There are more comments, banter and photo’s on the WW Facebook page

For proofs of photographs from the official photographer, send an e-mail with your rider number to adam@tweedpr.co.uk

Paul has created a Flickr photostream for the Wooler Wheel. Anyone can join free and add, comment or just view the photo’s. to view go to www.flickr.com/groups/the-wooler-wheel/
Thank you Paul!

Well done everyone!

On Wooler High Street

The smile, the smile!

Serious work!

Is this called drafting?

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Why a Cyclosportive in North Northumberland? No industry and sparse population equate to very light motor traffic and this, coupled with it’s scenic landscape and ancient heritage, makes the area a unique destination for safe, exhilarating and challenging cycling.

Wooler Wheel 2012

What a view! Looking over to Lindisfarne

Perhaps the photographs will help give you an idea of the area. The diversity of scenery in North Northumberland is truly wonderful – these were taken on a beautiful day in early spring along the route.

The magnificent Cheviot

Here you see the massif that is The Cheviot, snow crowned at this time of year and dominating.You will see it from all sorts of angles on the route, sometimes cycling away from and sometimes with it ahead.

Weetwood Bridge and The Cheviot beyond

After a hefty climb – the view!!

Look! No Traffic!!

This is only a few miles out of Wooler.

This one looks over the coast to Holy Island – a challenging climb to get to this point!

The Wooler Wheel Challenges are a natural progression from The Wooler Cycle Hub which was set up in 2010 and has 7 way marked cycle routes of varying lengths and grades which radiate out from the attractive and bustling market town of Wooler, Gateway to The Cheviots and The Northumberland National Park.  The routes take you through some 8,000 years of history within beautiful Glendale, through heather moorland with soaring rocky tors, past isolated farmsteads, over fertile agricultural plains with sweeping coastal views and through pretty villages – the diversity of scenery in North Northumberland is one of it’s many charms and a cycle ride the best way to appreciate. The routes are supported by a wonderful map sold throughout Wooler or you can download them from the web site. http://www.wooler.org.uk/visitor/?sid=1106

For the latest Blogs and news, go to the News link at the top of the page. To be kept informed of forthcoming events, click here
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32 thoughts on “About the Wooler Wheel

  1. What kind of bike do you need to take part in the wooler wheel? Do you have to use hybrid bike? Or can a normal full suspension mountain bike?

  2. Hi Neal,

    Most people use a road bike or a hybrid. The route is all on tarmac and although some sections are rough, it doesn’t need a full mountain bike.

  3. The 100km looks a great ride, such a shame it is on the sae day as the Marie Curie Pennine Etape

  4. Hi Alison, it’s actually the day before but not sure if you would want to do 2 in one weekend! If you are interested, there is a160km and possibly a 90km on May 11th next year as well as the October 100km

  5. Beth, when do entries open? And when will you decide if the 90km is happening alongside the 160km?

  6. Hi, Probably in early January. There will definitely be a 80 or 90 km route, it is just a question of working out which of them it will be nearer.

  7. Just did the 100km this Saturday 11th May 2013, great day out although it was a tough ride due to the winds etc. it was a great day well run by the team, many thanks.

  8. Thank you to everyone involved in the Wooler Wheel this weekend, especially all the route marshals and St John’s Ambulance who helped me out with some emergency cycling shorts surgery! We had a great day and are already looking forwards to the October event.

  9. Hi to all the organisers, volunteers and staff at the Wooler wheel. I did the 80km on Saturday 11th and despite the drizzle and strong wind I had a great day. The greeting from everyone when I finished was fantastic. Hope To now sign up for October 2013. Thank you very much for a super day.

  10. Hearty congratulations to the organisers of the second Wooler Wheel on Saturday 11th May – a resounding success! I rode the 100km and thought the route was excellent albeit the weather didn’t play any part in heightening the enjoyment but that made completing the challenge more satisfying… And the volunteers, stewards, marshalls etc deserve medals – thank you to every single one of them for jelly babies, water and encouraging words. A welcome dish of pasta to finish too from Steph and Michael of Milan’s. This is the sort of event that raises the profile of Wooler (and the local area) and hopefully gives a boost to local business. Long may it continue…

  11. I rode the 100k route on Saturday – was certainly a challenge, hills were brutal but I thoroughly enjoyed it.
    Flawless organisation and I have to echo the sentiments of everyone else that has posted on here and on Facebook, the volunteers were fantastic! It was great to see a smiling face as you approached the water and feed stops.
    This was my first sportive, others will have a lot to live up to!

  12. What is the best training for the 100k cycle ride have nt done anything as fat

  13. Mark Dunn commented on The Wooler Wheel’s link.
    Mark wrote: “When I started road cycling last year, I did a couple of short rides a week on quiet country roads, (DO NOT CYCLE IN TOWNS, it’ll put you off if you don’t get killed first) & build up distances and gradients as the weeks go by. Try to cycle with friends of a similar level who want to progress, you’ll appreciate the company. Try to get used to being on the bike as 60-100 miles on the bike in one go, can be a bit sore on the old behind, but repeated sessions will toughen your sit muscles. Learn about spinning, it’s amazing the advantage being clipped into your pedals gives you. Get a pace that you can maintain and treat your cranks like glass, don’t mash them!!!! We normally start pedaling by mashing the right, then the left, and repeat! This feels like we are pedaling in a square shape! Make a conscious effort to think about pedaling in a circular motion(I know this sounds obvious) but once you do it, it will make sense and take considerably less effort. All in all, try to cycle efficiently, don’t race, just go at your pace and keep your pedaling cadence as high as possible. (I am 16 stone and this works for mew) Hope this helps. M”

  14. The Wooler Wheel is a fantastic way to see some beautiful countryside. To make it a great experience my advice would be…. remember to be nice to the marshals, practice hills, train with a friend or two. Enjoy yourself but do take it seriously.
    Oh and did I mention being nice to the marshals.

  15. Jane says I second Mark, I started off similar and make sure you can do the distance in one go before the event. also, get out in the hills. I take my bike in the car and park nearby. I wasn’t prepared enough for the hills around Wooler! they were tough. drink and eat plenty too. if you’re interested in your grub I can recommend Go Faster Food by Katey Percy, its been a great help for my endurance. I swim too.

    Stuart – I say build up your mileage slowly between now and the wheel. Increase distance by no more than 10% each week and then have a rest week every forth week reducing your mileage by 50%. Make sure you do include some hills in the training. Great for making you fitter but also to prepare for the WW profile. Finally, work on nutrition. Your drink/food strategy is very important. You need to find out what products work for you. Don’t get hung up on the number of miles, even if you can only ride a couple of miles now if you train and prepare well you’ll have no problem completing the route. Set you goal now and go for it you won’t regret it!

  16. Kevin, if you are on Facebook, log into the Wooler Wheel page and message Colin. There are a lot of tips from people and Colin could be a virtual training buddy – as could many. Colin James Grimes Get him to message me – if I can manage it at nearly 20 stone then anyone can!

  17. Hi there
    I am interested in entering the 100km Wooler wheel in October. How do I enter?
    Im Using an IOS device so can’t seem to access some of the forms on the site.


  18. Hi there

    My 2 friends have entered for the 100k in October. Are there any spaces and if not is there a standbye? Reserve list?

  19. Hi Gary. Unfortunately there isn’t. Purely because the reserve list would be as long as the entry list! Keep your eye on the web site for news of a new and exciting event next May. WW

  20. Wow! What a day for the Wooler Wheel – Beth Mills must have connections ‘upstairs’ to have arranged such great weather after a rubbish week of rain and dullness. Yet another brilliant event and her wheelbarrow has worked overtime to get the tarmac laid in so many places to allow the riders to have a less pot-holed surface to perform on…
    These sportives are becoming so popular – can I enter for next year right now??!!
    Many congratulations to everybody involved and once again superb help from the marshalls and EVERYBODY involved (too numerous to mention)

  21. Did the wheel yesterday and enjoyed it a great deal but to use townies it was hard work and 5 punctures did nt help look forward to May and giving it a good go . The organisation was first class we’ll done .

  22. Were do I find the results and forgot to say a big thanks to the lady who gave me a tube when I had used the 3 spares I had brought and was ready to throw in the towel .

  23. Lovely ride. Well organised – even the weather co-operated. Will do again next year – when can we register?

  24. Date for registration to be sorted yet Pete, keep your eye on the Facebook page, this web site and if your haven’t already, sign up for the newsletter.
    Pleased you enjoyed the day!

  25. Hi Kevin, the lady in question is called Lisa and she logs into the WW FaceBook page – we’ve thanked her for you! Times will be up here as soon as WordPress stops faffing around and allows them to be posted! In the meantime, go to

  26. Thoroughly enjoyed the Wooler Wheel Oct 2013, Great atmosphere, very well marshalled, signposted and organised. Fantastic views and lovely roads made all the more enjoyable by being a non competetive event with staggered starts.T shirt and goody bag were a lovely surprise Thanks also to the dinner ladies too for serving their pasta dishes and drinks and the lovely marshall who provided the jelly babies.All in all a great day

  27. ….is this how I can still enter the ride!!!…realised today I was close to the deadline and now in a panic!…it looks fantastic!!

  28. Took part in the Borderlands WW170 yesterday – a fantastic day but a gruelling challenge. Routemaster – you are the son of Dr Evil!!
    This can do nothing except enhance the reputation of the Wooler Wheel and it’s brilliant routes and challenges.
    As usual, although there were so many more of them, the Marshalls and organisers deserve a huge pat on the back (although I’m too tired to raise my arm to do it myself…) – their encouragement and devotion to supporting an event in their community is commendable. The Jelly Baby Lady will get lots of plaudits and rightly so – Lyham Bank followed by sweeties – an absolute treat.
    Finally, a riding companion had tyre issues and had to use the Edinburgh Bicycle engineer – awesome! A change of tyre and such brilliant service.

    Thank you to everybody. If you have done the Wooler Wheel and are reading this you will understand, if you are reading this and haven’t taken part then you’re missing out!! Sign up to join the best Sportive around – every May and October.


    The Duke

  29. Well done all who rode it o 4th oct 2014 wet wasnt the word and that was before we all set off !!! Well organised completed the 100km in atrocious conditions pity we never saw any of the nice views !!! Will be back though for more :)

  30. I have enjoyed the WWh for the past two years and will be back in 2015. It’s really unfortunate that it clashes with Velo 29 Buttertubs. We don’t get many sportives up t’North and it’s disappointing that these cannot be de-conflicted. See you in May; please try to reduce the sign in queues. D

  31. Hi Dougie,
    Unfortunately the calender is so crowded now it’s difficult to get events in without a clash somewhere – especially when the Wooler Wheel will have 3 sportives in 2015! If you did the October Classic this year, you will know that there was no sign in queue…

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