Q; Where can we stay in and around Wooler?

A; There a number of different options for accommodation. Have a look on www.wooler.org.uk  which tells you about Wooler and the accommodation in the vicinity. Or, www.northumberlandnationalpark.org.uk  You can also go to www.visitnorthumberland.com 




Q; Will there be changing and toilet facilities at the start and finish?

A; Yes, The Glendale Middle School will be available which is right at the start/finish line

Q; Do I have to be registered with British Cycling to enter The Wooler Wheel?

A; No, it’s not a requirement of entry. However, there are benefits to being a member if you are a keen cyclist. If you want to take a look at the membership benefits, go to British Cycling

Q; Will there be electronic mapping available for this event?

A; Yes, it will be made available nearer the date.

Q; Will the routes be signposted or is a GPS system totally necessary?

A; The routes will be signposted, so no GPS system needed

Q; Will there be feeding stations on route?

A; Yes, there are two official feeding stations on the 100km route with two additional water stops.

Q; Is the route all on tarmac or is it mixed?

A; The Wooler Wheel is an all tarmac event.

Q; Does the route go clockwise or anti clockwise?

A; Anti clockwise

9 thoughts on “FAQ’s

  1. Where does event start and is car parking available as I will be driving up that morning from Newcastle?

  2. Hi, the event starts in Wooler at the Cheviot Centre – we will be sending an information pack by e-mail nearer the date with health and safety, car parking and other details nearer the date of the event.

  3. Hi Rob. There are 275 doing the 100km and another 75 doing the 50km and yes, we will have a ‘rolling’ start. You will be getting a manual nearer the date with all the info. WW

  4. Hi Simon,
    Go to your appropriate desk for registration for the 100 and tell the Sign in Ladies. They will take your details and pass it on to the timing guy so that your entry can be adjusted and your time will reflect the new distance.

  5. Hi – in light of the prolonged and heavy rain forecasted between now and tomorrow afternoon will road conditions/ standing water become a consideration for cancelling/ postponing the event.

  6. Hi Paul, we would ask that all entrants take into account the road conditions and ride accordingly. See the Riders Manual for the Safety Precautions.
    ………………..One thing that we cannot guarantee in the Northumberland is the weather. Please do keep up to date with the local weather news, and dress appropriately. All routes are varied in terrain and riders will become uncomfortable if they do not bring enough of the right gear. By this we mean layers; arm/leg warmers, comfortable gloves and a good water proof.


    The Wooler Wheel Classic will only be cancelled if extreme weather or a catastrophe either render our routes unusable or present a significant threat to the health and safety of the riders.

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